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Black Girl In Suburbia is a feature documentary that looks into the experiences of black girls growing up in predominately white communities. This is a different look into suburbia from the perspective of women of color. This film explores through professional and personal interviews the conflict and issues black girls have relating to both white and black communities.

There are many girls out there who have stories to tell about struggle and triumph, but have never had an outlet to share. That’s why this film is so important!

Black Girl In Suburbia intends to spark an open dialogue about race, identity, and perspective among all people. In hopes that these discussions will allow us to look at perceptions of ourselves, others and the community we live in as a whole.

“This film is a must see for all educators in Oregon. BGS offers great insight into the struggles our students of color face in classrooms and communities where few of their peers or teachers look like them. I am confident Lowery’s work will help spurthe conversations and personal growth necessary to improve our ability to reach and teach all students”

Kim Feicke
Oregon Center for Educational Equity


“This film is a must see for all people of all colors. Don’t let “Black Girl” in the title think it won’t interest or educate you”.

Tammy Boysen Wilhoite

“Black Girl in Suburbia is a very compelling documentary that will elicit feelings of happiness, anger and frustration. The documentary is a courageous look into the lived experiences of many young black women in our schools today. As an educator and with a daughter in high school I face these obstacles every day, where young ladies question their place in a suburban high school setting. Conversations regarding hair, body composition and dating are just a few topics of conversation when meeting with students. Black Girl In Suburbia is an important film that we look forward to sharing with our entire school community and following up with valuable discussion”.

David Blue
Jesuit High School Diversity Director


“Black Girl in Suburbia was very eye opening for me in so many ways. If you would have asked if racism or being black was an issue while growing up, I would have said, “No, not really.” I grew up in suburbia and raised my daughter in suburbia. When I think of racism and issues facing black people, I think of extreme hate and outright conflict that you see on the news. That was never part of my life. BGS pulled back the rug to expose the things that had been swept underneath the “good life”. I realized that I did have some hurt and issues, but they were swept away because they seemed small compared to “real” issues. For example, dancing is the way I make a living. My daughter, who participated in the documentary, used to dance with me. It was fun and a chance for us to bond. She would even help me find music for my classes. It happened gradually, but I realized that I no longer had my dance partner. I never knew why, I just assumed she was interested in other things. While watching BGS the reason why she doesn’t dance was revealed. I broke down in tears. I was shocked that subtle, not extreme, comments could alter the course of your life. BGS is a must see for all people. This film will get you thinking and talking about race from a whole new perspective; from the black girl in suburbia”.

LaTosha Wilson

St. Johns Library October 18th, 2pm-4pm.
7510 N. Charleston Ave.
Portland OR 97203
(503) 988-5397

For more Multnomah County Library screening dates and locations, click LIBRARY

*West Linn Lutheran Church October 19th 4:30pm.
20390 Willamette Dr.
West Linn, OR
(503) 656-0110

*Beaverton City Library Feburary 7th 1-4pm
12375 5th St.
Beaverton, OR 97005
(503) 644-2197

*Lewis and Clark College February 13 4:30pm.
0615 SW Palatine Hill Rd
Portland, OR 97219
(503) 768-7000

Stay tuned for more screening dates!

** If interested in hosting a screening of Black Girl In Suburbia in the future, please email bgsuburbia@gmail.com.



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The NPR program, The Story, interview that Melissa Lowery did with Dick Gordon! http://thestory.org/archive/The_Story_41112.mp3/view. The segment is the last 20-30 minutes of the program.

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